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TaxNodes is a comprehensive platform that enables users to accurately calculate taxes on their cryptocurrency transactions and provides expert assistance for filing income tax returns.


Discover top-notch roof tiles of superior quality at unbeatable prices with Roco tiles. Let Roco tiles assist you in selecting the ideal tiles for your roof, ensuring the best deal possible.


OpenTeQ is a proficient software development firm with a worldwide presence and extensive proficiency in providing customized software development services and technology solutions.

Astro Aquaculture

Astro Aquaculture stands as India’s pioneering and rapidly expanding vertical mud crab farming enterprise, specializing in the production of crab boxes. Our distinctive approach revolves around cultivating crabs using exclusively organic feed, ensuring a natural and environmentally conscious farming process.

Lune Tiles

Lune Tiles stands out as the premier tile manufacturer in India, offering a diverse range of top-quality products including Cooling Tiles, Cool Roof Tiles, White Roof Tiles, Weathering Tiles, Solar Reflective Tiles, and Terrace Tiles.

Indore Institute of Law

The inception of the Indore Institute of Law took place in 2003, driven by a shared vision to foster innovation and advancement in legal education. The institute aims to impart profound knowledge of the law while acknowledging and addressing the evolving demands of the legal industry.

Life Lab

Life Lab is on a mission to enhance science education in India. With 5+ years of experience, we’re partnering with corporations, NGOs, and state governments to reach 1 million children, especially in rural areas, out of the 440 million in the country. Science is the path to a brighter future, and we’re making it accessible to all.


Explore a comprehensive online fashion boutique dedicated to women’s clothing and apparel in India. Discover and acquire the most up-to-the-minute fashion trends, encompassing a stunning collection of dresses, tops, jumpsuits, palazzo pants, and an array of other chic items.


GeeksForGeeks is an online hub tailored for computer enthusiasts, offering a comprehensive collection of meticulously crafted, insightful articles covering computer science and programming topics.


Forge a career-ready path as a full-stack or backend developer by crafting polished, real-world projects. Supercharge your journey with a job-ready project portfolio. Join now and kickstart your journey for free.